Climate Action Campaign Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address

March 7th, 2024

For Immediate Release

DATE: March 7th, 2024

CONTACT: Catherine Gorman, 

Tonight, President Biden delivered the State of the Union address. In response, Margie Alt, Director of the Climate Action Campaign, issued the following statement:

“Tonight, President Biden spoke directly to Americans and touted his record on climate. ‘We are confronting the climate crisis, not denying it,’ he declared. ‘I’m taking the most significant action on climate ever in the history of the world.’

“President Biden has made historic progress slashing climate pollution, accelerating our country’s transition to clean energy, cleaning up our air, and investing in communities historically overburdened by pollution.

“President Biden’s climate and clean energy plan has delivered $442 billion in investments across America and sparked $650 billion in additional private sector investments in clean energy and there’s much more to come. His commitment to delivering investments to ‘frontline communities smothered by the legacy of pollution’ – is making a difference already and must be continued. The President’s American Climate Corps is popular and oversubscribed and his plan to triple the ACC to 60,000 workers will drive further progress in the fight against climate change.

“Yet, as the President also said tonight, there is more to do.

“We look forward to working with him to create the ‘future where we save the planet from the climate crisis’. Together we will get more clean energy on the grid. We will put more people to work in clean energy. And, to meet the President’s commitment of cutting climate pollution by 50% by 2030 we will work with the Biden administration to finalize additional bold pollution standards.

“We are on the path to the clean energy revolution. We will stave off the worst of the climate crisis. President Biden is the leader who can get us all the way there.”


About CAC

Climate Action Campaign (CAC) is a vibrant coalition of advocacy organizations working together to drive ambitious, durable federal action to cut carbon pollution, address the climate crisis, advance environmental justice, and accelerate the transition to clean energy. Our goal is to reduce carbon pollution and accelerate the transition to clean energy through policies focused on climate, justice, and jobs and expanding opportunity for all.

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