The United States is on the verge of making the biggest investment to tackle the climate crisis the nation, and probably the world, has ever seen and it will make a big difference to real people in every community. And it isn’t a minute too soon. The cost of inaction continues to add up, and we are losing time in the race to tackle the climate crisis.

These stories drive home the urgency of the climate crisis in communities across the country, from Maine to Arizona, and call on members of congress representing 15 competitive House districts in eight states to support bold investments in climate change, clean energy and environmental justice, such as those included in the IRA.

Local leaders and families, like Jessica Godinez from Richmond, Virginia and Nancy Smith from Augusta, Maine, are calling for bold climate investments that will improve their communities and tackle the climate crisis. The stories below include the impact of climate change on oyster farming in New Hampshire, urban communities in Detroit, outdoor spaces in Arizona, and water pollution in Pennsylvania.