Extreme Absence: Missed School Days Due To Climate Change

White & Blue sandwich board with "SCHOOL CLOSED" outside a school building

Building a Mountain of Support to Cut Climate Pollution


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Learn about historic investments in climate & clean energy.


Protecting our health, communities, air, water, land and wildlife from dangerous pollution – Solutions for Pollution.


The most significant investments in climate, clean energy, community, and jobs – Climate Wins Here.


We work to drive ambitious federal climate action, accelerate our clean energy transition, and deliver environmental justice.

The Cost of Inaction is Real.

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CAC is a vibrant coalition of a dozen major national environment, environmental justice, and public health groups. Our goal is to reduce climate pollution and accelerate the transition to clean energy and a sustainable society in ways that support justice, jobs, improved health, and quality of life for all.

Championing durable federal action to address the climate crisis centered on justice, jobs, improved health, and quality of life for all.

Convening and mobilizing climate organizations and activists to build loud and proud visible public support and momentum for federal climate action.

Partnering with a broad array of communities to convene, collaborate, coordinate, and mobilize across the country to win bold federal climate action that benefits all people.

Building public support for climate action and clean energy policy through education and strategic communications.