New Video Campaign Features 20 Real People Demanding Climate Investments to Help Them Where They…

November 19th, 2021

New Video Campaign Features 20 Real People Demanding Climate Investments to Help Them Where They Live Local voices demand big, bold investments from Congress as BBBA clears House, moves to Senate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With President Biden’s Build Back Better Act (BBBA) cleared by the House and on its way to the Senate, several climate advocacy organizations launched a new social media and advertising campaign highlighting local impacts of climate change featuring more than twenty profiles of real people living through the impacts and calling for climate action from Congress.

The campaign, announced by the Climate Action Campaign (CAC), drives home the urgency of the climate crisis in communities across the country, from Maine to Arizona, and calls on members of congress representing 15 competitive house districts in eight states to support bold investments in climate change, clean energy and environmental justice, such as those included in the BBBA. The social media campaign is sponsored by Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Clean Air Moms Action, Climate Reality Action Fund, Moms Clean Air Force, Climate Power, and the Climate Action Campaign.

The compelling video campaign illustrates that broad support and features local leaders and families, like Jessica Godinez from Richmond, Virginia and Nancy Smith from Augusta, Maine, calling for bold climate investments that will improve their communities and tackle the climate crisis. Stories highlighted include the impact of climate change on oyster farming in New Hampshire, urban communities in Detroit, outdoor spaces in Arizona, and water pollution in Pennsylvania.

When enacted, the BBBA will deliver the largest U.S. federal investment ever made to tackle the climate crisis. The video campaign will continue after the House vote and will pivot to thanking those members who support the legislation.

The climate provisions in the BBBA enjoy broad public support, with recent surveys finding that 71% of Americans want Congress to take action to achieve President Biden’s goal to cut climate pollution in half by 2030 and 60% support the BBBA’s climate provisions.

“The United States is on the verge of making the biggest investment to tackle the climate crisis the nation, and probably the world, has ever seen and it will make a big difference to real people in every community. And it isn’t a minute too soon. The cost of inaction continues to add up, and we are losing time in the race to tackle the climate crisis. We need leadership from Congress. The time to act is now. We need the Build Back Better Act,” said Margie Alt, director of the Climate Action Campaign.

All of the videos can be viewed on CAC’s YouTube channel HERE.

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