Heading Home For Recess, Senators are Carrying “Get Climate Done” Kits

May 25th, 2022
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Climate Action Campaign kits to drive urgency from Senators for climate solutions including $555 billion in climate, justice, jobs and clean energy investments stalled in the Senate

(Washington, D.C.) – Senators heading home for the Memorial Day recess have a little extra in their carry-on bags – a “Get Climate Done” kit that underscores the urgency for Congress to approve the long-stalled $555 billion in climate, justice, jobs and clean energy investments.

The kits, distributed by the Climate Action Campaign, highlight solutions for pollution that can help solve the climate crisis and protect our health and environment. The kits zero in on the $555 billion in climate investments, already passed by the U.S. House, as a policy that has enough votes to pass and is critical to meeting President Biden’s promise to cut carbon pollution by half by 2030.

“It’s time for President Biden and Congress to close the deal and get climate done,” said Margie Alt, Director of the Climate Action Campaign. “These kits remind Senators that every second that goes by without climate action costs us dearly. In dollars it costs at least $4,700 per second, and then there are costs to our health, livelihoods, and ecosystems. Every minute we don’t act the costs are only increasing. Climate can’t wait.”

The “Get Climate Done” kits include the following items to illustrate the benefits that Senators would bring home to their constituents if they passed climate, justice, jobs, and clean energy investments passed by the House months ago and now before the Senate:

  • Windmills to represent how transitioning to clean energy will reduce costs for Americans and get people off of the volatile and dirty fossil fuel economy.

  • $555 billion check to represent the climate, justice, jobs, and clean energy investments the Senate needs to pass to tackle climate change, protect our health, and bolster the economy.

  • Climate stripe buttons to visualize the rise in temperature across the planet from 1850 to today. Each stripe represents the temperature for a year and graphically demonstrates the dramatic and dangerous rise in temperature exacerbated by climate change that threatens our health and economy. The visual underscores the cost of inaction, and reiterates the urgency with which science demands we address the climate crisis.

View photos of the kits HERE.

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