Climate Action Campaign Slams Speaker McCarthy’s “Polluter First” Debt Limit Proposal

April 20th, 2023

Washington, DC – In response to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s dangerous “polluter first” debt limit proposal, which would undo the historic progress won in President Biden’s affordable clean energy plan and force through the “Polluters Over People” Act, Climate Action Campaign Director Margie Alt released the following statement:

“Speaker McCarthy’s debit limit proposal is dangerous, reckless, and puts polluters first. It is bad for the health of our families and our environment. By pushing a bill to repeal the historic climate and clean energy provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, House Republicans are holding the U.S. economy hostage, tearing away good-paying clean energy jobs, and threatening the air we breathe and the stability of the climate for future generations. Not only does this proposal give big polluters a virtual license to pollute by forcing through the “Polluters Over People” Act, most of the job losses that result would be in Republican districts that have disproportionately benefited from clean energy plan investments.

“Instead of undoing the progress we’ve made, our leaders in Congress need to accelerate our transition to a clean economy that’s already creating jobs, lowering energy costs, and slashing the pollution that drives the climate crisis. Every second we fail to act, more lives are lost, the costs get higher, and our environment is further degraded. We can’t afford to go backward.”

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