CAC & its Solutions for Pollution Coalition Call for Strong Methane Pollution Standards

November 11th, 2022

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a draft of new safeguards to limit dangerous methane pollution–a climate pollutant 80% more potent than carbon pollution over a 20-year period. In response to this news, Margie Alt, Director of the Climate Action Campaign, released the following statement:

“To keep our communities and the environment safe and meaningfully tackle the climate crisis, we must cut methane and other dangerous pollutants from oil and gas operations. Strengthening this methane pollution standard is a critical step to finally reining in a dangerous climate pollutant. Americans want and need a safe climate and clean air. This new proposed standard will especially matter to those communities – often communities of color – living on the frontlines of fossil fuel development. By strengthening and finalizing these protections quickly, President Biden and the EPA will slow the rate of climate change, advance environmental justice, and make our air cleaner and safer to breathe. We applaud their effort and hope to see this proposal get even stronger as it moves forward.”

About “Solutions for Pollution”

The Climate Action Campaign’s “Solutions for Pollution” coalition calls on the Biden administration to carry out its responsibilities under our nation’s bedrock environmental laws, such as the Clean Air Act, by advancing approximately 20 protections across federal agencies that could cut climate pollution in half by 2030, advance vital public health and environmental justice goals, accelerate the transition to clean energy, and create new economic opportunity.

About Climate Action Campaign

The Climate Action Campaign (CAC) is a vibrant coalition of dozens of major national environment, environmental justice, and public health groups, working together to drive ambitious, durable, science-based federal action to tackle the climate crisis. Our goal is to reduce climate pollution and accelerate the transition to clean energy in ways that support justice, jobs, health, and economic opportunity for all.

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