CAC’s Margie Alt Statement on Confirmation of Joseph Goffman

January 31st, 2024

For Immediate Release


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January 31, 2024


Washington, DC

The below is a statement from Climate Action Campaign Director Margie Alt following Senate confirmation of Joseph Goffman as assistant administrator of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.

“The EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation is responsible for stewarding the Clean Air Act, one of our most important and protective public health and carbon pollution laws. That’s why strong leadership within the agency is essential to protecting our health and environment. Joe Goffman is that leader.

“Joe Goffman has dedicated his career to protecting our health and our environment and he is no stranger to the need for urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.  As assistant administrator of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, Joe will lead the agency in protecting the health of families and communities, creating policy based in law and science, and carrying out President Biden’s and Administrator Regan’s vision for a strong, 100 percent clean energy economy.

“Joe’s confirmation is the right decision for the right man at the right moment. The EPA’s Air Office is now finalizing new protections to slash climate pollution from power plants, cars, trucks, buses, and other sources, and setting standards to clean up dangerous air pollution like soot. The work has never been more important and having Joe at the helm of OAR will make sure the job gets done.”

About the Climate Action Campaign

CAC is a vibrant coalition of dozens of major national environment, environmental justice, and public health groups, working together to drive ambitious, durable federal action based on science, to address the climate crisis. Our goal is to reduce climate pollution and accelerate the transition to clean energy in ways that support justice, jobs, health and economic opportunity for all.



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