“I support the strongest standard on carbon emissions from power plants, alternatively called the Cut Climate Pollution Plan, from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), because this plan will allow our country to continue the work of the original Paris climate agreement and address emissions from power plants that were previously underway, opening the pathway to reduce pollution and deliver up to $85 billion in climate and public health benefits over the next two decades. This standard will help level the playing field across states and have a dramatic impact on national grid reliability, and ultimately on public health (for example, decreasing premature deaths, ER visits, asthma attacks, school absences, and lost work days). I urge you to take action now to protect the health and stability of our residents, especially those most impacted by environmental and energy inequity, by implementing the proposed new carbon pollution standards.”

Wende Randall, Director, Kent County Essential Needs Taskforce, Grand Rapids, Michigan