“As a State Representative in the Georgia General Assembly, I fully support these regulations. In my district—unincorporated Norcross, GA—all Census Tracts are in the 80th percentile for airborne diesel particulate matter and in air toxics cancer risk, and at/above 90th percentile compared to Georgia for PM2.5 (or fine particular matter) air pollution. 25 percent of people are designated as having fair or poor health. And it’s not as if my communities, which are over 85 percent BIPOC or minorities and roughly 50 percent immigrants like myself, are in way rewarded for their disproportionate brunt of pollution, because the residents here also have the highest energy COST burdens in Gwinnett. So all of this, I hope, gives a very local perspective on why these proposed standards are important.”

Georgia State Representative Marvin Lim, 98th District, Georgia House of Representatives, Norcross