“I support the strongest standard on carbon emissions from power plants, alternatively called the Cut Climate Pollution Plan, from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), because the critical condition of our environment, particularly air quality, has resulted in some of the most catastrophic conditions for all life forms. Poor air quality resulting from the use of fossil fuels has degraded our collective health. This will lead to increased respiratory illness and death. Our work in sustainable housing is based on the belief that an energy efficient home is also a healthy home. This standard will move our community forward with measures that will improve air quality which will result in improvements of health, particularly for individuals with respiratory issues, and a general improvement of our environment. I urge you to adopt the new standards for the benefits it provides including improving the environment and the detriments it seeks to reduce or eliminate: pollutants and toxins from our air.”

Jose Reyna, Executive Director, GreenHome Institute, Grand Haven, Michigan