"In 2022, more than 60% of US electricity generation came from fossil fuels, of which 60% came from gas and 40% from coal; renewables only accounted for less than 22%. We cannot have a clean energy transition if the nation’s power grids remain dependent on coal and gas generation, which exposes frontline communities across these fuels’ lifecycles to harmful levels of air and water pollution. The EPA is in the position to drive transformative change in the American power sector by setting the strongest possible standards for greenhouses gases. Doing so will also help reduce emissions of serious co-pollutants to protect frontline communities. Simply put, these standards must bring an end to coal generation, enable limited gas generation (even with CCS), and above all encourage investment in the cleanest sources of electricity by ensuring fossil fuels are less competitive than solar and wind power in every state in our nation." 

Abigail Martin, PhD, Visiting Professor in Climate & Energy Policy, University of California-Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy & Management (ESPM), California