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Building a Mountain of Support to Cut Climate Pollution From Power Plants

We're assembling a ‘mountain of support’ that visually represents the broad public support for a strong Cut Climate Pollution Plan. This page features key voices from across America, in communities big and small. It includes climate advocates, environmental justice leaders, doctors, mayors, scientists, clean energy business leaders, and more.

Click the images below to hear what they have to say! 


Joel Charles, MD, Healthy Climate Wisconsin, Wisconsin

katie huffling.jpeg

Katie Huffling, DNP, RN, ANHE, District of Columbia

Alexander Rabin.jpg

Rabin, MD, Univ. of Michigan, Michigan

Larry Junck photo yes.JPG

Junck, MD, Univ. of Michigan, Michigan


Syverud, Wisconsin Sierra Club, Wisconsin

Carolyn Comitta.png

Carolyn Comitta, State Senator, Pennsylvania

Sarah Bucic Photo - Sarah Bucic.jpg

Sarah Bucic, RN, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, Delaware

Kathleen Chandler.jpg

Kathleen Chandler, Be The Change Organization, Nevada

nicole horseherder.png

Nicole Horseherder, Tó Nizhóní Ání (TNA) “Sacred Water Speaks”, Arizona


Park Cannon, State Representative, Georgia


Howard Watts III, Assemblymember, Nevada


Anne Mellinger-Birdsong, MD, Mothers & Others for Clean Air, Georgia

Andres Cano.png

Andrés Cano, State Representative, Arizona

Abby Novinska-Lois.png

Abby Novinska-Lois, Healthy Climate Wisconsin, Wisconsin


Tawsha Trahan, Unlimited Potential, Arizona

travis woolley.jpeg

Travis Woolley, Arizona Wildlife Federation, Arizona

eve shapiro.jpeg

Eve Shapiro, MD, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Arizona

deirdre c nieves.png

Deirdre C. Nieves, WMEAC & Western Michigan Univ., Michigan

Abigail Martin headshot 2.png

Abigail Martin, PhD, Univ. of California-Berkeley, California

kristin shymoniak.jpeg

Kristin Shymoniak, DC Mayor's Commission on African American Affairs, District of Columbia

wes bellamy.jpeg

Wes Bellamy, EdD, former Vice Mayor, Charlottesville,  Virginia

Barbara Brandom.webp

Barbara W. Brandom, MD, Concerned Health Professionals of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

william edward flippin jr.jpeg

Reverend Dr. William Edward Flippin, Jr., Macon Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Georgia

Jessica Mengistab.jpeg

Jessica Mengistab, RN, ANHE, New Jersey

Debra Rowe 2.jpg

Debra Rowe, Change the Chamber, Michigan

Lisa Patel.png

Patel, MD, MSCCH, California

Michael Mann.jpeg

Michael E. Mann, PhD, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Lisa Del Buono.JPG

Del Buono, MD, MiCCA, Michigan

Amanda Cappelletti.png

Amanda Cappelletti, State Senator, Pennsylvania

Kelda Roys.png

Kelda Roys, State Senator, Wisconsin

Roxana Chicas, PhD, RN Emory Univ., Georgia

Priya Sundareshan.png

Priya Sundareshan, State Senator, Arizona


Sabine von Mering, PhD, Brandeis Univ., Massachusetts

Rev. Leonard Jackson, Faith Organizing Alliance, Nevada


Lesley E. Cohen, Assemblymember, Nevada

david g hill.jpeg

David G. Hill, MD, Yale Univ., Connecticut

Mandi McAlister.jpeg

Mandi McAlister, Hummingbird MKE, Wisconsin

Brittney Reno.png

Brittany Reno, Mayor of Sharpsburg Borough, Pennsylvania

neha pathak.png

Neha Pathak, MD, Georgia Clinicians for Climate Action, Georgia


Richard C. Andrade, Former State Representative, Arizona


Valerie Morrill, Arizona Wildlife Federation, Arizona

Sandra Koch.jpg

Sandra Koch, MD, Nevada Clinicians for Climate Action, Nevada

Sandy Bahr.jpeg

Sandy Bahr, Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, Arizona


Lisa Wozniak, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Michigan

Codi Norred.jpeg

Codi Norred, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, Georgia

Shelbie Swartz.jpeg

Shelbie Swartz, Institute for a Progressive Nevada, Nevada

Sarah Houston.jpeg

Sarah Houston, Protect Our Aquifer, Tennessee

Alex Dudek.jpeg

Alex Dudek, RN, UW Health, Wisconsin

Susan Holcomb.jpg

Susan J.
Holcombe, VMD, Michigan State Univ., Michigan


Johanna Chao Kreilick, UCS, Massachusetts

Kim Kobb.jpeg

Kim Cobb, PhD, Brown Univ., Rhode Island

Ashmead, MD, MiCCA, Michigan

Chris Rabb.png

Chris Rabb, State Representative, Pennsylvania

Jackie Harrison-Jewell.png

Jackie Harrison-Jewell, Couillard Solar Foundation, Wisconsin

Sandy Koch, Citizens Climate Lobby, Nevada


Eban Goodstein, Bard College, New York


Thomas Wassmer, PhD, Siena Heights Univ., Michigan


Yassamin Ansari, Vice Mayor & City Councilmember, Arizona

Cindy Crane.jpeg

Rev. Cindy Crane, Lutheran Office of Public Policy, Wisconsin

David Masur.jpeg

David Masur, PennEnvironment, Pennsylvania

Andy Levin.png

Andy Levin, former Congressman, Michigan

Katie Ruth.png

Katie Ruth, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light, Pennsylvania


Erin Mordecai, PhD., Stanford Univ., California

Joanne Leovy.jpg

Joanne Leovy, MD, Nevada Clinicians for Climate Action, Nevada

Kailey Kanaziz.png

Kailey Kanaziz, RN, Michigan

Donavan McKinney.png

Donavan McKinney, State Representative, Michigan


Shawana S. Moore, DNP, NPWH, Georgia

keshaun pearson.jpeg

KeShaun Pearson, Memphis Community Against Pollution, Tennessee

Catrina Tillman.jpeg

Catrina Tillman, Revive Community Health Center, Michigan

Tom Schuster.jpeg

Tom Schuster, Sierra Club Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Evan Raskin.jpeg

Evan Raskin,, District of Columbia

Fred Krupp.jpeg

Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund, New York

Ben Jealous.jpg

Ben Jealous, Sierra Club, Maryland


Shannon Baker-Branstetter, Center for American Progress, District of Columbia

K. Slonager1.jpg

Slonager, RN, AAFA, Michigan

hendershot 1.jpg

Rev. Susan
Hendershot, Interfaith Power & Light, District of Columbia

Don Ferber.png

Don Ferber, Wisconsin Sierra Club, Wisconsin

L Adams Headshot 300 x 300 - LaTricea Adams.png

LaTricea Adams, Black Millennials for Flint, Tennessee


Joseph Baldacci, State Senator, Maine

Joel Hicks.jpg

Joel Hicks, Borough Councilmember, Pennsylvania


Gary Schlack, City Councilmember, Michigan

Nicolaus Hawbaker, MD, Arizona Health Professionals for Climate Action, Arizona

Russell Kuhlman.jpeg

Russell Kuhlman, Nevada Wildlife Federation, Nevada

Brian Sauder.png

Rev. Brian Sauder, Faith in Place, Illinois

Bob Lindmeier.jpg

Bob Lindmeier, Meteorologist, Wisconsin

debra hendrickson.jpeg

Debra Hendrickson, MD, Nevada

arnold kamis.png

Arnold Kamis, PhD., Brandeis Univ., Massachusetts

Rabbi Nathan Martin.png

Rabbi Nathan Martin, Congregation Beth Israel, Pennsylvania

Melanie Beikman.png

Melanie Beikman, Arizona Interfaith Power & Light, Arizona

doug bland.png

Reverend Doug Bland, Arizona Interfaith Power & Light, Arizona

Bobby Hughes.jpeg

Bobby Hughes, EPCAMR, Pennsylvania

Charis Goff.jpeg

Charis Goff, Black Millennials for Flint, District of Columbia

Tami Sawyer.jpeg

Tami Sawyer, Former Shelby County Commissioner, Tennessee

Frank Johnson.jpeg

Frank Johnson, Memphis-Shelby County Schools Commissioner, Tennessee

Artboard 1.png

Click on the map icons below to visit each state's Mountain of Support

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