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Some air pollution tied to gas drilling falls, some rises

Monessen coke plant set to resume production

Neighbors bicker in Pa. over forced gas drilling

An energy company is dusting off an old, unused state law that can force property owners to accept oil and gas drilling under their land, ...

Quiet Battle Over Coal AshGuidelines

A quiet battle is being fought over one of the biproducts of our civilization: coal ash and it's something in which Pennsylvania is number one.

EPA threatens Pa. over pollution rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is threatening to sanction Pennsylvania unless it complies with a three-year-old air pollution rule.

Sierra Club Says IPL Coal Plant Should Be Phased Out

A coal burning plant is responsible for most of the pollution in Marion County, and should be phased out. That's the contention of the Sierra ...

Coal shutdowns detrimental to PA

The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance is advocating for an examination of state energy costs and the factors driving them, as well as issues compromising the reliability ...

Brayton Point coal-fired power plant confirmed for shut down by 2017

The owner of the primarilycoal-firedBrayton PointPower Station in Somerset, Mass., has said the plant will be closed as scheduled in 2017, The Boston Globe reported.EquiPower ...

GOP congressmen blast Obama's economic policies in State of the Union

President Barack Obama's State of the Unionaddress Tuesday ignited criticism among Pennsylvania's Republican congressmen on his economic policies and apparent partisan politics.

Area lawmakers react to Obama's State of the Union address

Sen. Pat Toomey, who came to Congress in 2011 on a wave of public discontent, was largely unmoved by what he called President Barack Obama's ...