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Australia's Retreat on Emissions

ustralia's decision last month to repeal a carbon tax on its biggest greenhouse gas polluters disheartened scientists and advocates of strong action to control greenhouse ...

Cities' Air Problems Only Get Worse With Climate Change

The threats from climate change are many: extreme weather, shrinking snowpack, altered ecosystems and rising and more acidic seas, to name a few. Another lesser-known ...

Latinos join EPA in taking a stand against bad air days

They are all too common in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., where high temperatures cause ozone to reach unhealthy levels. While ...

Maine environmentalists rally about climate change

Maine environmentalists will gather at a Portland hiking trail to rally about the impact of climate change on the state's recreational opportunities.

DTE Energy selects SolarCurrents projects

DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) selected 84 new solar energy projects for inclusion in Phase 2 of DTE's SolarCurrents customer-owned pilot program.

GOP lawmaker uses flawed reports to bash EPA coal rule

If corporations were indeed people, those corporations that operate coal plants would be quite pleased with Rep. Mike Kelly's (R-Pa.) piece for them in the ...

NextGen hits Gardner on climate change, abortion rights

NextGen Climate, led by billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, released a TV advertisement Tuesday criticizing Rep. Cory Gardner's (R-Colo.) positions on climate change and abortion ...

Greens warn climate change could ruin 'outdoor' experience

Climate change is making ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy more prevalent, jeopardizing the outdoor experience, according to a new report.

Latino group sides with EPA on climate rule

A board member at a major Latino environmental group joined Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Gina McCarthy in promoting the agency's rule to limit carbon ...

Opinion: The connection between climate change and infectious disease

Rising seas and melting polar ice caps and glaciers documented by impressive satellite imagery capture the attention of the news media and make headlines.