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Koch unit to begin buying and selling electricity in Europe

Koch Supply and Trading is going to start buying and selling European electricity as it expands its liquified natural gas business.

Olathe lawmaker Scott Schwab claims Koch Industries retaliation

A conservative Kansas House member is accusing Koch Industries of trying to punish him politically for questioning the company's lobbying against the state's renewable energy ...

SW Kansas lawmaker says voting on repeal of green energy is no-brainer

A southwest Kansas lawmaker says there is no debate about renewable energy standards according to a recent article fromthe Kansas City Star.

Green energy has been a political giant, but a threat looms in Kansas

Green energy just might be the country's new political tough guy

Kansas House Panel Takes Up Climate Change Measure

Steam and smoke is seen over the coal burning power plant in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009. Coal power plants are among the ...

Utility companies lobby for lower solar reimbursement

A bill to cut the reimbursement rate utility companies pay customers who feed energy back to the grid has gotten the attention of solar advocates.

Kansas clergy pray for recognition of climate change

An interfaith coalition of Kansas clergy invoked the power of prayer Thursday to convey a belief climate change ought not be answered in the Capitol ...