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Achieving durable and ambitious federal climate action is within sight. We can cut the pollution that worsens the climate crisis—especially in overburdened communities—rebuild our economy, and create new jobs through these three policy imperatives:


We need historic, transformational investments in our country centered on climate action, justice and jobs that will rebuild our infrastructure, build back our economy, create new jobs and protect our health by cutting dangerous pollution.


To drive transformational growth in the clean energy sector, Congress should extend for ten years the renewable energy tax credits, ​credits for electric vehicles and the EV infrastructure and refundable tax incentives for clean energy companies that supported the first renewable revolution and can power our economy and drive job creation in the future.


We need a durable, ambitious and enforceable national clean electricity standard that will drive transformational change in how we generate, transmit, and use electricity by phasing out dirty fossil fuels and transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources and holding polluters accountable.


Confirm Climate

Personnel is policy and a president deserves to have their cabinet. Confirm Climate is a coordinated campaign ​backed​ by the nation’s top climate advocacy groups to support President Joe Biden and includes more than 50 positions across the federal government.

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Coalition for Clean Energy and Healthy Communities 

CCEHC is a coalition of nearly 50 organizations, advocating for federal investments that create good jobs, protect public health and the environment, address inequalities and heath disparities linked to environmental injustices and help cut climate pollution and accelerate our nation’s transition to clean energy. 

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The #ActNow plan to invest in 
climate solutions, 
justice and jobs

President Joe Biden and Congress must make significant investments across the economy to ​tackle the climate crisis, advance environmental justice, and create jobs. CAC’s #ACTNow campaign coordinates policy development, lobbying, communications, grasstops and grassroots engagement in 15 states working with over 50 partners and our groups' collective 15 million members to  #BuildBackBetter. ​Our success will result in improved infrastructure a just transition and ambitious climate action.

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