We Need Climate Action Now

Congress is considering House Resolution 9: The Climate Action Now Act, which would reverse President Trump’s reckless decision to abandon the Paris Agreement and abdicate America’s responsibility to lead on climate action. As the country faces record breaking extreme weather, threats to our military bases made worse by climate change, and an administration unfriendly to science and reason, there’s never been a more important time to act.

We’re counting on our Representatives in Washington to advocate for decisive climate action to protect the communities they represent. That’s exactly what the Climate Action Now Act would accomplish – give your Representative a call to let them you know you support HR-9.

For our environment, our health, our security, and our economy, we can’t afford to wait to act on climate. Are you in to make sure that Congress is moving us forward?

If you're having trouble with the form above, please call 1-844-329-6561 to be connected to your Representative.