Tell Your Senator You Support the Clean Power Plan

Climate change poses an undeniable threat to our national security, health, and economy. In the wake of three of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history, our elected officials need to stand up for our health and safety. The science is clear: climate change contributes to the strength and severity of storms – the EPA can’t roll back progress by dismantling the Clean Power Plan.

Acknowledging the threat climate change poses to our families and our communities should be the norm. Enough is enough: we need our senators to speak up and protect our communities by speaking out in support of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

Call your senator and let them know that climate action matters to you – and that you want them to urge the EPA to protect the Clean Power Plan. Type your phone number into the box and you’ll receive a call from us. We’ll make sure you know what to say and then we’ll connect you to your senator – make sure to tell him or her the EPA can’t rollback the Clean Power Plan.

If you're having trouble with the form above, please call 1-844-330-9833 to be connected to your Representative.