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Margie Alt, Director


Aaron Petykowski, Partner Engagement Program Manager

Andrew Postal, Communications Director

Bernadette Badamo, Operations Coordinator

Chloe Parrish, Operations Program Associate

Courtney Foley, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships

David Mills, Partner Engagement Program Manager

Donielle Manning,  Sr. Director of Operations

Emily Byrn, Deputy Field Director

Hasan Bhatty, Reporting Manager

Jamie Stevenson, State Operations Regional Manager

Jared Kahanek, Data and Analytics Manager

Julia Hurwit, Regional Organizing Manager

Kiara Rutherford, Director of Partner Engagement

Kim Alfred, Sr. Director of Coalition Management

Maddie Page, Deputy Director of Government Affairs for Administrative Advocacy

Megan Larkin, Government Affairs Program Manager

Myles Duffy,  Sr. Director of Field and Campaign Strategy

Mykala McShea, Graphic Designer

Nick Panlibuton, State Operations Regional Manager

Patrick Lim, Organizing and Partnerships Coordinator

Peter Francis, Donor Communications Manager

Rachel Paris, Senior Advisor for Research and Communications

Rafael Noboa y Rivera, Digital Director

Rose Garr, Government Affairs Director



Bonnie Su, Data Fellow

Sophia Pacheco, Government Affairs Fellow

Zoe Patrick, Research Fellow


Communications Manager

The Communications Manager (CM) plays a critical role in the communications, messaging and media strategy, and project management for a leading coalition of national environmental groups focused on defending critical clean air and climate change safeguards.


The primary areas of responsibility for the CM include:

  • Providing strategic communications guidance to the communications team and the coalition

  • Contributing significantly to the content creation team, including drafting, vetting and editing of campaign materials

  • Providing counsel, support and leadership to other members of the content creation team

  • Managing media consultants, including work with CAC’s specialty media program

  • Providing media planning and support for Partner Engagement and State Operations events

  • Monitoring, attracting, and increasing followership on CAC social platforms. 

  • Working on rapid response efforts and special projects as needed


Useful technology skills include programs such as InDesign, Canva, AP Formats, etc.

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Digital Campaigner

The Climate Action Campaign is seeking a Digital Campaigner to join our digital and communications (DigiComms) team. We’re looking for a proactive, strategic and tactical thinker eager to create opportunities to grow audiences and evolve our digital strategy in service to the mission. The Digital Campaigner will bring knowledge in reporting and analytics to help make data-driven decisions regarding digital strategy, content creation and campaign execution across CAC’s social channels, email, and website.


The Digital Campaigner will report to the Digital Director and work collaboratively across the organization. We are a nationwide team working with a wide range of leaders and a cross-sector ecosystem of partner organizations.


Key responsibilities may include:


  • Developing and executing strategies to accelerate audience growth and engagement and drive traffic from established and emerging social platforms

  • Coordinating the creation of platform-specific content, developing visual assets and producing social media kits for distribution around key moments

  • Maintaining social accounts, primarily on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Deriving insights from analytics to inform digital strategy and advise editorial strategies

  • Advising on headlines to maximize engagement and optimize SEO

  • Collaborating with agency partners on strategy and content production for social media channels

  • The Digital Campaigner may also be required to take on other duties as needed to help drive forward our mission and vision.

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Director of Data Insights and Analytics​​​

The Climate Action Campaign (CAC) is looking for a Director of Data Insights & Analytics to support our work to advance big bold climate investments and enact ambitious standards to reduce climate pollution, create equitable outcomes for all communities, and ensure good jobs.


Priorities of the role include creating a team workplan, building and maintaining reporting dashboards, assessing the positions and potential points of influence of members of Congress, generating insights and actionable recommendations from modeling and membership data, and building the analytics capacity of our coalition. This position requires strong engineering skills and works collaboratively to support the needs of other CAC departments, groups within the CAC coalition, other external partners, and vendors to advance the CAC’s strategic goals.


Specific responsibilities include:


  • Managing the Data and Analytics team and work plan (currently 1 staff member and 1-2 fellows), balancing priorities to help the team stay ahead of deadlines.

  • Leveraging CAC’s data and tools to support planning and targeting, grassroots mobilization, field and digital program reporting, and measuring the campaign’s efficacy and progress over time. Key projects include:

    • Assessing the progress that CAC is making to build support for climate and clean energy among key members of Congress.

    • Directing and enhancing a phones program that serves to contact members of Congress on climate and clean energy issues.

    • Optimizing campaign reporting through CRM analysis and automation

    • Analyzing and sharing insights about CAC’s reach and impact through phones, grassroots mobilization, and digital engagement.

    • Supporting coalition partners with analysis of their membership and recommendations for audience targeting.

  • Maintaining and building external relationships with coalition members to identify opportunities to enhance and streamline reporting systems and gaps in tools or resources, as well as communicating regular progress updates to key audiences and project participants.

  • Preparing formal presentations and visualizations to communicate insights to high-level stakeholders.

  • Managing vendor relationships, contracting, project management, and invoicing for specialty projects.

  • Managing CAC’s proprietary data to adhere to security standards, performance audits, and cost efficiency.

  • Managing the Data and Analytics team’s budget and interaction with vendors, including oversight of contracts and invoices.

  • Collaborating with Partnership Project leadership and staff as well as broader partners to oversee and projects related to the phones program, membership data, civic engagement, community testing, and polling. This includes building working relationships with the staff of the Climate Advocacy Lab and the Partnership Project’s Innovation Team to unify approaches and share information.

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Director of State Operations​​​

The Climate Action Campaign is seeking a Director of State Operations to join our Field team. We’re looking for a seasoned field director to drive our ambitious field work across our targeted states and districts.


The Director of State Operations will report to the Sr. Director of Field & Campaign Strategy and work collaboratively across the organization. We are a D.C. based staff working with a nationwide team that includes a wide range of leaders and a cross-sector ecosystem of partner organizations.


Key responsibilities include:


  • Manage the day-to-day operations for the State Operations department which currently oversees nine state tables and twenty six field partners (states and resources will adjust in 2023 and beyond). 

  • Manage a team of three Regional Field Managers and potentially a Deputy Director of State Operations to maximize the impact of CAC’s field program.

  • Spearhead program management and quarterly planning processes.

  • Craft annual field deliverables and set goals with input from CAC’s National Field Directors; hold field partners and tables accountable for their performance.  

  • Design and execute annual RFP process for state table partners. Evaluate proposals and recruit new field partners to plug gaps. Oversee execution of MOUs and payments for field partners. 

  • Troubleshoot internal and external problems with expert diplomacy. 

  • Tailor campaign strategies to fit each state and target in collaboration with table partners. 

  • Participate in overall campaign development and decision making across the Climate Action Campaign.

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Grassroots Reinforcement Project Manager​​​

The Climate Action Campaign is seeking a Grassroots Project Manager to join our Field team. We’re looking for a talented organizer, campaigner and planner to drive our Grassroots Reinforcement Project by growing and engaging our base of 700,000 climate activists. 


The Grassroots Project Manager will report to the Senior Director for Field and Campaign Strategy and work collaboratively across the organization. We are a D.C. based staff working with a nationwide team that includes a wide range of leaders and a cross-sector ecosystem of partner organizations.


Key responsibilities include:


  • Manage the day-to-day operations of CAC’s Grassroots Reinforcement Project.

  • Craft calendar of email and text action alerts that are aligned with CAC’s strategic priorities.  

  • Develop and execute plans to build more commitment and move activists up the ladder of engagement. 

  • Conduct personal outreach and build lasting relationships with high-level activists. 

  • Lead rapid response by mobilizing climate activists in key areas to join local actions.

  • Stay on the cutting edge of best practices for grassroots engagement, leadership development and email/texting programs.

  • Design and execute A/B tests and experiments. Share findings across the CAC community. 

  • Execute CAC’s paid phones program, drafting phone scripts, recruiting partner organizations to sponsor and ensuring flawless execution.

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Climate Action Campaign Fellowship

The Climate Action Campaign Fellowship is a paid intern program designed to immerse its participants in the environmental advocacy field. Assignments vary and are designed to both support the campaign with its mission to support action on climate change and assist the fellow with their professional growth.


This non-exempt position allows interaction with all of the campaign’s departments providing a wide breadth of experiences. As an integral part of the team, fellows will experience how public support is generated for action on climate, and how that shape results on a national level. We have fellowships available in our Partner Engagement, Field, and Data departments. 

The Fellowship will train predominantly with the assigned team completing tasks including but not limited to:

  • Assisting the team with organizational duties including but not limited to data, record, and calendar management

  • Assisting with Campaign-wide metrics and reporting

  • Creating, editing, and distributing a variety of documents and reports for internal and external use

  • Assisting various Departments during surge moments, including but not limited to reporting, writing, research, grassroots and grasstops outreach, and data entry

  • Attending internal meetings around CAC and community-wide climate advocacy efforts

  • Providing logistics and meeting support as needed

  • Completing other duties and tasks as they arise

  • Managing grants and contracts

  • Maintaining organizational operations in conjunction with the various teams 

  • Interacting with members of the coalition both in DC and in states directly on a regular basis to complete projects

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