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NRG to convert 597-MW coal-fired plant in Pennsylvania to burn natural gas

NRG Energy has withdrawn its deactivation notice for the 597-MW coal-fired plant in Shawville, Pennsylvania, and will convert the four units to burn natural gas.

Power plant becomes a model for cleaner operation

A massive coal-fired power plant in western Pennsylvania is turning from one of the worst polluters in the country to a model for how such ...

Cleaner air could mean higher electric bills

Electricity prices are probably on their way up across much of the U.S. as coal-fired plants, the dominant source of cheap power, shut down in ...

New regs to reduce fish kills from Susquehanna water intakes could affect local power plants

After years of litigation that climbed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government has announced new regulations to reduce killing of ...

Op-Ed: Mitigate Methane Emissions In Pennsylvania

First, the bad news. There is broad agreement that methane emissions from natural gas development in Pennsylvania and other states are a serious problem.

Letter: Beem, scientists right about climate change

As a retired high school science teacher, I would like to commend Edgar Allen Beem for bringing attention to the urgency of the climate crisis, ...

Solar company hopes suit against PPL will change state policy

David Hommrich is suing PPL Corp. But he might as well be taking on the state of Pennsylvania.

Ringtown enters energy-savings program

Casualty of Coal: One of Two Major Coal-Fired Electric Plants toClose

Study raises new concerns about emissions from shale gas wells