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Environmental Group Backs Republican in 2014

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, an environmental organization, has thrown its support behind a Republican, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who is seeking ...

King: Cooperative Approach Needed On Arctic

Sen. Angus King of Maine says the melting polar ice cap represents an opportunity for U.S. security, economic and diplomatic interests.

Mainers don't need gotcha politics

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, is too well behaved to let loose and criticize the nonsense coming from Democratic challenger Shenna Bellows

New EPA standards need Collins' support

Recently, the Obama administration took a big step forward toward addressing climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency proposed limits on the amount of carbon dioxide ...

US senators introduce bipartisan bill to tackle climate change

Two US senators have introduced a bipartisan bill to reduce the short-lived but powerful greenhouse gases responsible for around 40% of global warming. - See ...

She's As Good As A GOP Senator Gets On The Environment. Is That Good Enough?

ver the course of her career, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has stood apart from most of her GOP colleagues on the issue of the environment.

Keeping up with Maine's changing climate

Around Maine, people are taking note of increasing rainfall and encroaching sea levels, and they are working to mitigate the effects of more extreme weather:

National battle on coal, CO2 emissions and climate change looms

A major fight is about to break out in Washington over whether coal-fired power plants, particularly in the Midwest, will need to reduce pollution and ...

Maine Voices: Proposed regulation of greenhouse gas would benefit nation, world, Maine

In Maine, it would reduce pollutants, aid economic competitiveness and respond to climate change.

Letter to the editor: King thanked for leading on climate change solutions

U.S. Sen. Angus King has joined his fellow members of the Senate Climate Action Task Force in speaking on the Senate floor to urge action ...