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California senators float post-2020 climate change bill

Two California state senators released a bill on Wednesday that would give regulators the authority to design a plan to meet the state's long-term greenhouse ...

Sierra Club's love letter to fossil fuels

In aYouTube videosponsored by the Sierra Club in time for Valentine's Day, actresses of note say they are breaking off their relationship with fossil fuels.

California vows to press ahead with climate change programs

California plans to extend its suite of ambitious and controversial carbon reduction programs beyond 2020, saying the results to date show the state can grow ...

The Crushing Cost of Climate Change: Why We Must Rethink America's Infrastructure Investments

Themega-droughtsqueezing Californians' water supply and the state's $45 billion-per-year agriculture industry is just the latest example of how climate change is threatening to drainstate and ...

Projected Effects of Climate and Development on California Wildfire Emissions through 2100

Changing climatic conditions are influencing large wildfire frequency, a globally widespread disturbance that affects both human and natural systems.

Study suggests air pollution in the Santa Monica mountains is harming native plants, increasing fire risk

Initial results from experiments conducted in the Santa Monica Mountains by a botanist at the University of California, Riverside and her colleagues indicate that high ...

GOP to use climate changes in California for midterms

Instead of shying away from climate change issues, Republicans running against incumbent Democrats aim to use California's record drought to their advantage.

Air Travel and Global Warming

A person's air travel has an outsized environmental cost relative to his or her other activities. Here is a rule of thumb: The environmental impact ...

Landmark Report Calculates Societal Benefits of Fossil Energy to be at least 50 Times greater than Perceived Costs of Carbon

Stop the foot dragging on climate change