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Phillips 66 oil line in Wilmington blamed for 1,200-gallon spill

ews worked Tuesday to fix a fingertip-sized hole in an underground pipe that allowed about 1,200 gallons of crude oil to seep onto a quiet ...

Last minute changes may allow for more fossil-fueled energy

oday, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted on their plan to replace the power from the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating System.

Joe Krovoza picks up environmental endorsements for Assembly seat

Davis Mayor Joe Krovoza has received endorsements from the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters in his campaign for the 4th Assembly ...

California electric grid sets solar generation record

California set back-to-back solar power records last week, the state grid operator said on Monday.

Gas prices may jump from California emissions law

California's greenhouse gas reduction law already has shaken up the state's industrial sector, costing it more than $1.5 billion in pollution permit fees.

Sacramento faithful examines what religion teaches us about #climatechange

Sacramento faithful examines what religion teaches us about climate change

California Gov. Brown makes case for re-election

In a year when California Democrats are worried about motivating their voters, Gov. Jerry Brown heard another unwelcome message Saturday: some environmentalists, a core Democratic ...

California Carbon Tax Would Be First at the Gas Pump

Californiawould be the first U.S. state to impose a "carbon tax" directly on motorists at the fuel pump under a plan by a leading Democratic ...


Over the past decade, policymakers at the federal and state levels have sharply increased the

California Sells 19.5 Million Carbon Allowances at $11.48 Each

California, the second-most polluting state in the U.S., sold 19.5 million carbon allowances at auction for $11.48 each, in line with analysts' expectations.