Worst Class on Climate Change

"Today's top story – the returning Congress is one of the worst classes in history on climate change."

With Congress back in session and climate deniers already putting the EPA Clean Power Plan in their crosshairs, "Capitol Kids News" reported that the returning Congress needs to brush up on their climate facts. These ads, sponsored by Moms Clean Air Force, will be running in taxi cabs across Washington DC.

The 113th House of Representatives has voted more than 200 times to block action to address climate change. According to the American Lung Association, children are more susceptible to air pollution. By 2030, the Clean Power Plan would prevent 3,700 cases of bronchitis and 150,000 asthma attacks in children.

It's time for deniers to go back to school on climate change and take a refresher on the importance of clean air for the health and safety of children across the country.