Virginian's Rally in Support of President Obama's Climate Plan

On Tuesday July 23rd in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, Environment Virginia hosted a press event to announce the release of a letter signed by dozens of Virginians, supporting the President's Climate Plan.

At City Hall, four signers to the letter to the President spoke about why they felt the President's plan is so important to America, and to Charlottesville. Dan Boyle of Central Virginia Wind Energy spoke about lack of incentives for clean energy in Virginia. City Councilor Dede Smith talked about how Charlottesville's health and economy is impacted by carbon pollution, while her Council colleague Kristin Szakos spoke about issues Charlottesville faced when a local high school was trying to install solar panels on their roof. Sadly, the school only had out-of-state businesses bidding on the project because of the lack of incentives in the commonwealth. The final speaker was Steve Pence, the co-founder of the Rivanna Conservation Society who addressed the earth science signs of changing climate, about historical environmental victories and how change is possible.

View news footage of the event:

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