Tennessee Sportsmen Call for Climate Action

Yesterday, the Tennessee Environmental Council came together with local sportsmen and law makers to call for common-sense action to address climate change. Standing under the pedestrian bridge at Nashville's Riverfront Park they outlined the threat climate change poses to Tennessee's forests, fish and duck populations. Bill Reeves, Chief of Biodiversity with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, summarized the issue for everyone in attendance "Tennessee is blessed with a great diversity of fish species, several of which require cool or even cold water habitats for survival. As climate change warms these waters that unique habitat will be reduced and in many cases disappear entirely. Fish species relying on that habitat will be lost as well."

Some of these impacts are already being observed by local sportsmen and sportswomen in Tennessee. Gray Palmer, General Manager at Achiever Development Corporation, conveyed his personal experience with climate change. "I've been an avid outdoorsman since the age of 10. I've grown up hunting migratory birds up and down the Mississippi Flyway. But because of warmer winters in the North, hunters like me are seeing the numbers of ducks and geese harvested each year decline. The birds simply have no reason to make the trek south."

Chris Polk, a middle Tennessee sportsman and firefighter added to his comments, highlighting the need for individuals to take action on this issue. "If you've tasted well waterâ€_bagged a nice deer during season and felt the pull of a Tennessee large-mouth bass on your fishing line, you know we can't afford to lose all of this because of climate change because we didn't have the courage to take responsibility for caring for our climate."

Climate change is a threat to hunters and fishermen across Tennessee and the nation. Join Chris Polk and other concerned sportsmen and sportswomen, say "I WILL".

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