Statement from Carol M. Browner on the Denial of a Stay Request on the Clean Power Plan

January 21, 2016
Contact: David Di Martino, [email protected] or 202-247-7271

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit today rejected efforts to put a groundbreaking clean air protection on hold. The court’s decision to deny a stay of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, the first-ever limits on dangerous carbon pollution from power plants, means states should continue to develop plans to address carbon pollution.

Former EPA administrator (1993-2001) Carol M. Browner issued the following statement in response to the ruling:

“Winning isn’t everything, but in this case it's pretty close. The court’s decision to reject the stay request is a victory for the Clean Power Plan for sure, and also a victory for the future of our country. The decision ensures states will move forward with their own plans to reduce dangerous carbon pollution from power plants and invest in cleaner, safer sources of energy. It underscores the Clean Power Plan’s strong basis in law and signals that legal challenges to it will ultimately fall short. It’s time to stop suing to stay stuck in the past, and start working to usher in the clean energy economy of the future.”