Roundtable in Richmond Discusses the President Climate Action Plan and How it Will Help Virginians

A diverse group of Virginians came together in Richmond for roundtable discussion Tuesday to talk about clean energy investments and EPA's proposed carbon pollution limits. Lead by Sierra Club's, Kate Addleson, the discussion focused primarily on the President's climate action plan , and what role it will play in Virginia and benefits Virginians can expect.

Event speakers included: Andrew Grigsby, Principal of Commonwealth Sustainability Works, who discussed home efficiency and the how energy efficiency plays into the President's plan; Whitney Byrd, a representative from WISE Energy for Virginia, who delivered a presentation on the need to change from dirty power sources to more cost effective, cleaner fuels; Jeanne Pupke, Minister, First Unitarian Church of Richmond, who addressed the moral imperative of climate change and the need to engage the youth in the fight; and finally Dawone Robinson of Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) who focused on the clean energy investments in the President's plan and how they could specifically benefit Virginia.