Richmond Speaks Out on the Importance of Clean Air

Being an urban area, Richmond, Virginia has higher levels of air pollution and asthma sufferers than many of the surrounding Virginia counties. On Saturday July 13th, the city of Richmond held a health fair at Trinity Church where over a dozen different groups passed out information to over 200 attendees on the importance of clean air to public health, especially that of our children. Staff from the Sierra Club, the Asthma Awareness Society and the Virginia Department of Health were present to provide information the increased risk of asthma attacks caused by dirty air.

Speakers at the fair included Rohan Patel, Office of Public Engagement Director, Council on Environmental Quality, Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus from the Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Stephen Shield, a local doctor and Niasia Ellis, a student and Miss Teen Virginia Essence, who spoke very compellingly on the links between carbon pollution and asthma, as an asthma sufferer herself.

Over 75 attendees signed petition cards in support of limits on industrial carbon pollution. This is truly a big step in the right direction for residents of Richmond looking for healthier air to breathe.