The Personal Costs of Climate Change

In the midst of a local Tallahassee park, Florida State Representative Alan Williams stood in front of a crowd of engaged community members yesterday and shared the tragic story of his brother, Randy, dying during Hurricane Kate in 1985. "Unfortunately, we don't have to wait for the impacts of climate change because they are already here," Rep. Williams said. "Left unaddressed, climate change will continue to wreak havoc on Americans, claiming more lives, displacing more families and sending recovery costs skyrocketing."

Joining Rep. Williams were longtime environmental activist Ursula Ible and Dot Skofronick from the League of Women Voters. Together, the three rallied support for the president's plan to fight climate change, but also emphasized the necessity of responsibility and action in their local community. After all, as Rep. Williams had made so clear to all in attendance, the cost of inaction could be measured not just in lost dollars, but also lost lives.

Media from Tallahassee:
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