Montclair Is A “Climate Showcase Community”

The Department of Environmental Protection has recognized Montclair, New Jersey, as a “climate showcase community” for the city’s leading efforts to create a greener community by implementing energy efficient practices throughout its buildings and homes.

Many state and federal buildings now have improved ventilation, heating, and lighting systems that have saved Montclair $65,000 in energy costs. Infrastructure changes such as promoting public transportation, purchasing natural gas vehicles, restructuring the community towards walkability access, and planting more trees are steps the city is taking to cut down on carbon emissions generated by vehicles.

The Montclair Fire Headquarters hosted a climate meeting attended by local businesses, government officials, and environmental leaders on May 14th. The event was organized by Brendan Gill, the Essex County Freeholder to encourage citizens to support the Administration’s climate action plan. Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson was also in attendance, and warned citizens about the dangers of climate change-driven extreme weather events, citing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy as an example.

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