EPA Adminstrator McCarthy Headlines Google+ Hangout

Voces Verdes, an independent coalition of Latino business leaders in the public health sector, streamed a Google+ Hangout webcast featuring EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy on June 26th. McCarthy joined over 70 participants to discuss climate change’s health impacts on the Latino community. McCarthy touted the importance of President Obama’s climate action plan and gave tips for how individuals can make a difference in reducing their carbon footprints.

Participants had the opportunity to ask McCarthy questions about the EPA carbon rules and the science behind the ruling. Other leaders in the Google+ Hangout included Maria Cardona, a Voces Verdes Board Member, Dr. Tomas Morales, from the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, Angela Barranco, the Associate Director for Public Engagement with the Council of Environmental Quality, and Elianne Ramos, the CEO of Speak Hispanic. Over 104 tweets were produced from the hangout with the hashtags #ClimateVoces and #ActonClimate.