Tell Senator McSally that Wheeler is wrong for Arizona

Asthma attacks. Permanent neurological damage. Premature death. Mercury exposure in any amount is harmful to our health, yet Andrew Wheeler, Trump’s pick to lead the EPA, has been pushing to unravel mercury pollution protections – which could rob Arizona kids of a healthy future. It’s Senator McSally’s job to keep us safe – but she just voted to confirm Wheeler to lead the EPA.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is an ex-coal lobbyist. If his tenure as Acting Administrator showed us anything, it is that his policies will benefit the country’s worst polluters, not protect the health and safety of American families. That means dirtier air and water – putting our families in danger and making it harder for our kids to grow up healthy. It’s time to speak up – our health is on the line.

Bottom line: Andrew Wheeler will put us in danger. He is unfit to lead the EPA, and Sen. McSally’s vote to confirm him was a vote against Arizona families.

Join EDF Action and call Senator McSally and let her know that a vote for Wheeler was a vote against Arizonans’ health and safety. Type your phone number into the box below and you’ll receive a call from us. We’ll make sure you know what to say and then we’ll connect you to your senator – make sure to tell her that Andrew Wheeler is the wrong person to lead the EPA.

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