Communities Call for Action in North Carolina

Last week, the "I Will" bus tour rolled into North Carolina, making stops in Asheville and Greensboro to emphasize the impacts of climate change on the landscape, ecosystem and economy of the state and highlight the desire for action among the local community.

More than 50 people came together in Pack Square, in the center of Asheville, to hear from local business leaders, sportsmen, along with Mayor Terry Bellamy and former Congressman Tom Perriello. Each speaker outlined and applauded the steps that have been taken at the local and individual level to address climate change, but emphasized that federal action would also be necessary to effectively address the issue.

Erika Schneider, who serves as Outreach Coordinator for local solar panel manufacturer Sundance Power Systems, really drove home that point in her remarks.

"It's going to take action now. No small, individual step is going to move us forward. It's going to be a collection of large-scale actions, small actions, individual efforts, committed businesses and federal leadership."

Congressmen Perriello stayed with the bus as it continued on to Greensboro, where over 40 community members joined with local officials, outdoorsmen and business leaders gathered to enjoy some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and discuss what they can do to spur action on the president's climate plan and expand the conversation in their communities.

Check out a local news report on the Asheville stop, and pledge to help climate action in your own community. Say "I Will".

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