Climate Change Spells Trouble for Outdoor Recreation Industry

Coinciding with this week’s Outdoor Retailers 2014 Summer Market Show, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, along with Park City Mayor Jack Thomas and Ogden City Mayor Mike Caldwell, met with local business leaders to discuss the impact of climate change on local recreation activities and businesses that support it.

In addition to harming air quality and public health, carbon-fueled climate change is also having a devastating impact on natural landscapes in Salt Lake City and throughout the U.S. These natural landscapes, including Wasatch Range, provide countless outdoor recreation opportunities and support thousands of outdoor recreation equipment manufacturers, retailers and outdoor businesses, including Utah ski areas, and the jobs that go with them. Climate change is creating significant risk for this $730 billion industry and industry leaders are looking to elected leaders to implement climate change solutions that protect public lands and waters and the ecosystem services they provide - including recreation opportunities.