Church Groups in Richmond Learn about the Benefits of Renewables and the President's Climate Action Plan

The Virginia Interfaith Center (VIC) is helping some of Virginia's church groups understand how moving to solar energy can reduce their energy bills and provide a new path forward for cleaner energy. At a roundtable discussion at the United Methodist Conference in Glen Allen, Virginia, VIC President and CEO, Marco Grimaldo, lead an engaging discussion of how investing in renewable energy will help us meet our moral obligation to solve the climate change crisis and reduce the carbon pollution that's causing it. Following Grimaldo, Marco and Holly Coy, the Interfaith Center Director of Programs, gave a great talk about the United Methodist Conference's solar installation and its impact on the United Methodist community, both immediately in the building itself and in the greater Conference community.

The roundtable was well attended with 20 people signing a petition in support of climate action.

In addition to Public News Service's great article covering the roundtable, Neill Caldwell, a photographer and editor of the The Advocate, state-wide United Methodist publication, was in attendance taking photographs for a piece he will be writing on the event.