Chocolate Lovers for Climate Protection Week in Virginia

A witty sign showing up at climate rallies proclaims: "Save the Earth - It's the only planet with Chocolate!" And for good reason. The severe weather, extreme temperatures and irregular rainfall associated with climate change is more pronounced in the tropical regions where cocoa is cultivated from West Africa to Indonesia to South and Central America.

With the impacts of climate disruption on cocoa and food production in mind, the Virginia Sierra Club declared this week “Chocolate Lovers for Climate Protection Week”.

“As a member of the Governor’s Climate and Resiliency Update Commission, I am committed to addressing the wide-reaching effects of climate change, including the increased scarcity of cocoa due to higher temperatures and more volatile weather," said Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington).

"This Valentine’s Day, let’s show some love for the planet and take responsibility for the effects of human induced climate change. Only then can we take the steps needed to stem the growth of greenhouse gas emissions.”