Polluters Can't Win – Call Your Senator

Last year, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) finalized standards that address climate change and put an end to wasteful leaks and the venting and flaring of natural gas and dangerous pollutants. These protections are cost-effective, common sense standards that save us money, keep our communities healthier and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Now, the Senate wants to let oil and gas companies off the hook with a Congressional Review Act (CRA) vote that could permanently restrict our ability to limit methane pollution from public lands. We deserve better – senators cannot be allowed to sell out the health of their constituents to the oil and gas industry.

Call your senator and make sure they are on the right side of this vote. Type your phone number into the box and you’ll receive a call from us. We’ll make sure you know what to say and then we’ll connect you to your senator – make sure to tell him or her to oppose the BLM Methane CRA.

If you're having trouble with the form above, please call 1-844-329-6561 to be connected to your Senator.