Boise Businesses Attend Green Press Conference

In Boise, Idaho, local businesses attended a green business conference hosted by the architectural firm CSHQA, who touted their own LEED certified office space as a model for other organizations. Boise Mayor Dave Bietler attended and discussed the city’s plans to reduce its carbon footprint. The city of Boise will ramp up their community recycling programs, implement more sustainable waste management practices and renovate old buildings with environmentally friendly technologies.

More than 40 people attended, including Charlie Woodruff, the Executive Director of USGBC Idaho Chapter, John Maulin, the Vice President of CSHQA, Rachele Klein from Republic Services, Skylar Swinford from Energy Seal, and Mary-Michael Rogers, the Communications Director at Boise Centre. Maulin explained CSHQA headquarters’ sustainable office fixtures, including the installation of permeable parking spaces that allows storm water runoff to percolate into the ground. CSHQA also uses geothermal heat to keep their office warm in the winter, without their energy bills skyrocketing.

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