An Economic Opportunity for Allegheny County

Yesterday, the BlueGreen Alliance brought together local labor leaders and citizens of Allegheny County for a round-table discussion on climate change and job creation. An above-capacity crowd turned out to hear the speakers – which included Steelworkers President Leo Gerard, BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster and Allegheny County Exec Rich Fitzgerald -- discuss the need for action on climate change and how President Obama's plan will benefit the local economy.
"We have a great opportunity to create jobs to tackle these challenges that we're facing and do so in a way that's sustainable" Khari Mosley, Pennsylvania regional programs manager for the BlueGreen Alliance said, setting the tone for the rest of the discussion, adding that Pittsburgh could harness the initiatives outlined in the President's plan to create "the jobs of tomorrow".
Both Steelworkers President Leo Gerard and Allegheny County Labor Council President Jack Shea echoed that sentiment, adding that discussion alone was not enough to ensure that Pennsylvania would benefit from the president's climate plan, encouraging attendees to take action in their own communities and support leaders who would help make the president's plan a reality.
Start the conversation on climate in your own community. Let your friends know where you stand -- say I WILL.